It’s time to HUSTLE!

Inclusive Entrepreneurship: Systems, Stories, Solutions

Since its inception HUSTLE Winston-Salem was and continues to be a force of positive turbulence as we challenge and shape systems, share stories as a way to expose barriers and work towards bridging the gap of entrepreneurial inequality, and provide resources to women, people of color, and those in marginalized business districts.

Website Deal
Community Zoom

Website Deal

Click Here to Apply

HUSTLE has partnered with Accension Marketing Group to offer three local entrepreneurs a new website at a deal you can't pass up!

The website is valued at $900 and is being offered at half the price. Accession is providing an additional $150 discount. HUSTLE is paying the $150 deposit. The selected entrepreneur will be responsible for up to $150 (it may be less than this depending on the type of website agreed upon).

Deadline to apply is 11:59 PM on July 15th.

Community Zoom

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If you need access to a free virtual conference room, please feel free to schedule via this resource. Be sure to read through the guidelines before scheduling.

Our Mission

To help grow the local economy by accelerating UNDERREPRESENTED entrepreneurs with a focus on women, people of color, and marginalized business districts.

Our Vision

A thriving city where ALL citizens have equitable opportunity to achieve economic prosperity through entrepreneurship.

Our "Why"

We believe that anyone with a great idea can succeed in a community with EQUITABLE access to resources, education and support.

Our Promise

In all our work, we are equally as committed to scaling people and community TRUST, as we are to businesses and bottom-lines.

Our Difference

We will leverage creative strategies and community partnerships to deliver HIGH-IMPACT programs and support services.

Our Values

Everything we do is aligned with our core values: INCLUSION, equity, diversity, innovation, growth, community, and trust.